Student/Instructor Profile: Caitlyn Donart


Age: 14

Rank: 1st Degree Black Belt

Age When You Started: 4

Most Memorable Moment: “At 8 to midnight testing I was doing pull-ups on the pull up bar and it fell and hit me on the nose.”

Most Challenging Training Experience: “My first brown belt pre-testing. It was hard.”

Favorite Part of Your Training: “I love sparring.”

What is it like to be able to train with your dad?: “It’s interesting. When I pre-tested with him I was a higher rank then him so that was fun. It was different seeing him vulnerable. I like it because it gives us another opportunity to bond.”

Proudest Achievement: “Definitely earning my adult black belt.”

Why do you keep training?: “It’s fun. I enjoy coming to class. I’ve been doing it so long that its become a part of me. It’s who I am.”

Advice for other students: “To not be afraid. It can be scary sometimes, doing things that you’ve never done before. Just go with the flow.”

Biggest Benefit You’ve Gained from Training: “It’s helped me become more outgoing.”

What her instructors have to say about Caitlyn: “Nice. She’s just such a nice person”, Sifu Paul Nowlin.



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