5 Reasons to do Point Sparring

1.Sparring is the practical application of your martial arts training. Not knowing when the attack is coming or what the attack is going to be simulates real life reactions. You must be able to react to what your opponent is doing.

2. Learn to take a hit. This doesn’t sound like a plus but it is very beneficial. We stress light contact in our sparring classes, but the fact is that most students have never even been lightly hit before. You will get hit when you spar. Developing the confidence to know that you can take that hit and then continue on is valuable.

3. Learn good sportsmanship. You’ll shake hands before and after you spar with your partner. You’ll learn to work with your partner so that you can both improve your skills. You’ll learn not to get angry with your opponent even if things don’t go your way.

4. Improve your flexibility and conditioning. In sparring you will throw a lot of kicks and you’ll be in constant motion. It is very difficult to go thru a sparring class without breaking a sweat.

5. You’ll improve your martial arts skills:

a) Distance: You’ll learn how to control the distance between you and your opponent.

b) Timing: You’ll work on judging the timing of your opponent and then determining when to strike.

c) Footwork: Learn how to move in and out and side to side, while maintaining your balance.







1 Comment

  1. Agree….I’ve been hit a lot! 😂
    Seriously, fine tuning your reaction and your nerve when facing an opponent is a vital benefit and why is been done for so long. Great article!


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