Student/Instructor Profile: Genre Transfiguracion

Age: 15

Rank: 1st Degree Black Belt

Age When She Started: 11

Most Memorable Training Experience: “My most memorable training experience was when I tested for my 2nd degree brown belt because I overcame a lot of obstacles from when I first tested for my 3rd degree brown belt.”

What Was Your Most Challenging Training Experience: “My first karate tournament outside of the studio.”

What is Your Favorite Part of Training: “I get to come here and train with a lot of people that are really nice and that know your comfort zones for the most part. They also push you to do better.”

What is Your Proudest Martial Arts Achievement: “My proudest martial arts achievement is when I went to a tournament is Santiago Canyon College and Sifu Michael wasn’t able to be there, but I still came back with a Grand Championship in Weapons.”

Why Do You Continue to Train: “Because I feel like it will keep me in shape and me become more confident and have more self-esteem.”

Advice for Other Students: “Never give up. Keep trying your best. It will get hard at some points, but that’s how life works.”

Biggest Benefit You Have Gained from Training: “I know more people than I did from my original friend group from just school.The things we do here help when I am outside the studio.”

Goal for Martial Arts Training: “My goal for martial arts is to train as much as I can to get higher in the ranks and to make a imprint here at the studio.”

What Other Students Think About Her: “I think her best quality is that she always tries her best and pushes others and cares for people”, said Gavino Venegas (Jr. Black Belt).

“I think what makes Genre special is she is takes a lot of pride in everything she does. She works hard to do things the right way and that’s just awesome for someone that’s just 15 years old. I have no doubt she will continue to grow as a martial artist, a leader and a young adult”, said Sifu Michael Sharma (owner of Sasaki’s Kenpo Karate).

©Valentin Mendoza


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