Student/Instructor Profile: Sifu Rick Lopez




Age: 56

Rank: 4th Degree Black Belt

Year You Started Martial Arts: 1979 (Shotokan) and 2005 (Sasaki Kenpo)

Most Memorable Training Experience: Earning his 1st degree black belt after training on and off for 30 years.

Favorite Part of Training: Working with young martial artists and helping them improve in all areas of their lives.

Proudest Martial Arts Achievement: Seeing kids like Shane Gillespie, Jacob Hunt, Arturo Cerda and others grow up in the studio and become successful in life. Knowing that martial arts has prepared them for life’s stumbling blocks.

Why Do You Continue to Train:  “I continue to train because I know that I can continue to learn and get better as a martial artist, Sifu and person.”

Advice for Other Students:  “Train as hard as you can, every time you walk on the floor; learn from each other and take risks because it’s okay to make mistakes and learn from them.”

Benefit You’ve Gained from Training: “Confidence in my ability if needed and excellent health.”

Favorite Hobby: Triathlons and garage sales

What His Students Think of Sifu Rick: “The first thing I think of is extreme intensity. You can feel his presence when he walks on the training floor. You can tell that when Sifu Rick teaches that it really matters to him. He cares that you learn and learn it well,” Sage Amon (1st Degree Black Belt).


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