Instructor Profile: Sifu Steve Henry

Age: 52

Rank: 2nd Degree Black Belt

Age When You Started Training: 45

Most Challenging Training Experience: “My 8 to midnight for my black belt.”

What is Your Favorite Part of Training: “I think just learning something new, learning new techniques.”

What is Your Proudest Martial Arts Achievement: “Becoming a Sifu.”

Why Do You Continue to Train: “I enjoy it. I feel like it’s good for me both mentally and physically.”

What is Your Advice for Other Students: “Try to find the fun in what you’re doing, because when you have fun with what your doing it makes it so much easier.”

What is Your Biggest Benefit You’ve Gained from Training: “I think physical fitness.”

Why Did You Start Training: “I’ve always wanted to do martial arts my entire life and when I was growing up it was too expensive for my parents. When I got older I felt like I was too old to do it. I’ve got two bad knees, which is why you see me wearing braces all the time. So I thought my knees would keep me from doing it. Finally Sifu Jody talked me into trying it. Once I started I realized I was making excuses the whole time, and that is one of my biggest lessons learned is don’t make excuses.”

Who is Your Biggest Role Model: “I’d say Sifu Michael.”

How Has Karate Helped You Outside of the Studio: “I think its helped me be a better leader. I run my office where I work and being here learning from other Sifu’s and learning how to work with a lot of different people has been an advantage with working with different people in my career.”

©Valentin Mendoza



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